We think our animal ambassadors are amazing! They represent the backbone of our organization and their work in the classroom alongside our educational presenters is an amazing example of this organization's core concepts. 

Caring for these animals is a crucial part of our ability to bring them to you and the rest of the Brazos Valley. Each of our animals require very specific diets, habitats, and continued care to meet their needs physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's a time consuming and very carefully managed task. One we take very seriously and one that we cannot do without your support!

It costs roughly $3.00 a day to feed and care for our educational raptors. This cost covers their food, enrichment, medical bills, and preparations for educational display. This is a constant responsibility that we cover to ensure that each animal is healthy, happy, and safe. If you would like to help us care for these animals so that they can go on to impact you, your children, and the new generation of people in the Brazos Valley, Please consider symbolically adopting one of our ambassador animals.

For as little as $1.00 a day, you can cover the feeding cost of one ambassador. We'll cover the rest, but your money will go directly to feeding the selected ambassador, freeing up some of our budget to develop more programs, educational resources, and even provide a permanent home for even more ambassadors with The Urban Interface.