(Merlin - Falco Columbarius)

Circe is an adult female Merlin. She joined us in August of 2016 after she was declared non-releasable due to an injury that took the tip of her left wing. She was found in Utah after initially breaking the wing. The permanent loss of her wing tip means she will never be able to fly again.

Merlins are a native Texas bird which can be found right here in the Brazos Valley if you know where to look. They prefer to hunt and live around the agriculture fields where they have access to the open sky, plenty of mice, insects, and their favorite food: Dove. Nicknamed the "pigeon hawk" these little birds are phenomenal fliers and can easily catch birds almost twice their size. 

The cost to feed Circe is roughly $3.00 a day. Each symbolic adoption will go straight towards helping feed, house, and care for this magnificent bird. 

Symbolically adopting Circe the Merlin will allow us to provide continued care, support, and enrichment for our wonderful animal ambassador. Upon adopting her, we will mail you a certificate detailing your support of Circe as well as a beautiful printed photograph of her. Adopting one of our ambassadors is a great opportunity for school classes and anyone interested in supporting our animals directly.