Design a Wine Label for a New Wine, “Frejya’s White”!

Capture the likeness or essence of Frejya, and you could win fun prizes and bragging rights!

Design wine label artwork featuring Frejya, The Urban Interface’s red-tailed hawk Wildlife Ambassador, for a new white wine from College Station-based Perrine Winery!

Capture the essence or likeness of Frejya using any artistic medium (except photography) and submit a digital copy of your design before the deadline for your chance to win!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Frejya's White will benefit The Urban Interface, a recognized 501(c)3 headquartered in the Brazos Valley. Our mission is to connect residents of the Brazos Valley to our natural resources through unique, nature-centered  experiences in the classroom, at public, and in the daily lives of friends, family members, and future generations.

Deadline: 11:59 PM CDT, september 27, 2017.

Entry fee: $15

The first, second and third prize winners will be determined by popular vote (determined by number of "Likes") on The Urban Interface Facebook page from September 28 (starting at 8:00 AM CDT)-October 1 (until 11:59 PM CDT ), so don’t forget to "Like" your design and encourage your friends and family to "Like" it, too!

First place: A bottle of Freyja's White with participant's winning wine label design, a $30 Amazon gift card, The Urban Interface swag, and special recognition at the launch party for Freyja's White.

Second place: A $20 Amazon gift card, The Urban Interface swag, and invites to the launch party for Freyja's White.

Third place: A $15 Amazon gift card, The Urban Interface swag, and invites to the launch party for Freyja's White.


Contest Rules

1) Participants cannot be a volunteer or intern for The Urban Interface.

2) Designs must have Freyja, The Urban Interface's red-tailed hawk Wildlife Ambassador, as the main focus.

3) Designs must be created in physical media, (i.e. oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, etc.) i.e., no digital “paintings.”

4) Participants may enter designs that have won art contest awards in other events, provided the other events do not hold any sort of copyright or trademark over the design. By submitting a design, the participant is confirming that there is no conflict of interest or infringement upon others’ legal rights to the design.

5) There is no size restriction on the submitted .png or .jpg file.

6) Designs will be judged on the following criterion:
                i. First round of selection will be determined by judges to exclude any potential lewd, profane, or offensive designs, or designs that may have been submitted that fall outside the rules for submission.
                ii. In the final round of selection, the first, second and third prize winners will be determined by popular vote on Facebook. Designers may vote for their own design and are encouraged to ask their friends and family to vote for their design.

7) Participants may only submit designs they themselves have created.

8) Participants must ensure that their design is signed, and that the signature is visible in the image that is uploaded.

9) Only digital copies of the design will be accepted, in either a .jpg or .png format.

10) Designs may be submitted until 11:59 PM CDT, September 27, 2017. No designs will be accepted past the deadline.

11) All submissions must be submitted via the form offered at

12) The decision of the popular vote is final. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by judges’ decision.

13) By entering this competition, the participant is granting The Urban Interface (TUI) and Perrine Winery a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of their design on TUI or Perrine Winery website, TUI or Perrine Winery newsletters, social media, blogs, and other platforms and mediums owned and managed by TUI or Perrine Winery (with full credit given to the participant every time the participant’s design is featured), with no expectation of compensation for participating in or winning the competition, now or in the future.

14) Must be 13 years of age or older to submit a design to this competition.

15) By entering the competition, the participant agrees to abide by all rules.

16) Winning design entries will be notified via email. Participants must ensure they submit their design using an email address they check frequently and will have access to receive notifications from The Urban Interface for the duration of the competition. In the event that the first place winner does not respond to the email within seven (7) days, the first place winner’s entry is void, and the second place winner will be given first place.