(Swainsons Hawk - Buteo Swainsoni)

Pandora is an adult female Swainson's Hawk. She joined us in July of 2016 after she was declared non-releasable due to a genetic deformity in the feathers of right wing. She was found in New Mexico just after she had fledged. The genetic damage to her feathers means she will never be able to fly again.

Swainson's hawks are a common raptor native to the continental the United States, particularly in the Midwest. These birds are native to Texas, though they are more commonly found throughout the panhandle and western parts of the State. These birds are probably most well known for their migratory behaviors. They travel the second farthest distance of any raptor in North America during their yearly migration to Argentina. They are quite social birds and often make this trip in groups called kettles which can number in the 1,000's of individuals.

The cost to feed Pandora is roughly $3.00 a day. Each symbolic adoption will go straight towards helping feed, house, and care for this magnificent bird. 

Symbolically adopting Pandora the Swainson's hawk will allow us to provide continued care, support, and enrichment for our wonderful animal ambassador. Upon adopting her, we will mail you a certificate detailing your support of Pandora as well as a beautiful printed photograph of her. Adopting one of our ambassadors is a great opportunity for school classes and anyone interested in supporting our animals directly.