Lend us a Hand

If you're looking to help our cause in a more direct way, then look no further! We are always looking for volunteers, staff, interns, and fellows. Please take a moment to review the options listed below and determine which way of supporting us will work best for you!


Volunteers and Volunteer Officers

Volunteers with the Urban Interface work hard to help us when we need it the most. These incredible people are willing to jump in when we need an extra hand with projects and special events. They don't handle our animals, but they do help by building enclosures, developing trail systems, and assisting with enrichment projects.

Volunteer Officers are dedicated volunteers who have worked with us for over 60 hours in the past year. These officers are given the option to attend training and begin training with and assisting in public presentation. 

Volunteers must be 16 years or older. 


Internships and the Fellow program

Our Interns and Fellows work hard to ensure we operate smoothly each day. These hard working people help train, care, and present our animals publicly while also assisting with the daily business operations and planning of TUI. 

Interns and Fellows work with us on a consistent basis. They are carefully trained to both handle our animals and assist with program planning, business development, and other tasks related to their specific positions. 

Interns and Fellows must be 18 years or older and expect to work roughly 5-10 hours a week.

Animal Care (AC)

Env. Interp. (EI)

Event Planning (EP)

Comms. (COM)


Volunteer Staff

Our Volunteer Staff work hard to ensure TUI continues to operate smoothly on all fronts. Even though they are unpaid, they volunteer their time consistently to meet the needs of the organization and our team members based on the job they fill. 

These people are dedicated to furthering TUI's mission and wish to do so using their specific skills and abilities. They assist in the management and development of the business on various levels. 

Volunteer Staff must be 18 years or older and expect to work 10+ hours a week depending on position.