(Great Plains Ratsnake - Pantherophis emoryi)

Ophion is our resident Great Plains Rat Snake. These harmless snakes are found throughout the northern parts of Texas where the great plains meet the various ecosystems which make up our wonderful state. These snakes survive by eating various rodents, a diet earning their name. 

Despite their harmless nature, rat snakes are often mistaken for venomous snakes and frequently killed due to this mistake. 

Ophion was donated to us after his previous owner could no longer keep him. He had changed hands several times before finally coming to us. Ophion is one of the most mild mannered snakes we have had the pleasure to work with and is a great addition to any of our programs. 

While he does not eat much, we still need to care for his needs. If you would like to help us care for him, please consider  donating a few dollars to our continued care of this marvelous snake.