Where People Meet Nature

Join us for a chance to meet some of the natural neighbors that share the Brazos Valley with us. Our programs will give you the chance to meet some of our native wildlife species and learn about the important roles they play within our ecosystem. Our Birds of Prey programs offer a glimpse into the lives and histories of the predatory birds we all call raptors. 

We are growing, and as we do, we will be revealing new and exciting programs that will better unveil the lives and importance of the local flora and fauna that live right under our very noses.

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Masters of the Sky

60 minutes                           All Ages

Raptors come in all shapes and sizes. They are found all over the world and yet they are still unique from every other bird in the world. This program will explore the qualities of raptors from head to tail. Our ambassador birds help us compare and contrast different raptors while we discuss their habits and importance to our local ecosystems.

Each Masters of the Sky program is designed to meet specific needs of individual teachers, their curriculum, and the  TEKs requirements of the Texas Public School System. These programs can be modified to cover specific topics and ideas to better suit all grades from 1st-12th and beyond.

Feathered Flight

30 minutes                           Pre-K - K

Birds of a Feather, Fly Together. In this program, we introduce younger audiences to birds and why they are special. We read a picture book and talk about how birds differ from us and how they are similar. We then do an activity or bring out one of our birds. This program serves to introduce young audiences to birds.

Educational Booth

Having an event and want to bring something unique? Our Educational booths give people the chance to see and learn about wildlife at your event!