5 Awesome Nature-Inspired Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you want it to be memorable for you and your sweetie. Why not take it outside? Here are 5 ideas for a romantic, nature-inspired Valentine’s Day with your love in the Brazos Valley.

1. Eat local, chef-inspired dishes at Ronin Cooking’s “St. Valentine’s in the Forest” dinner

Husband and wife chef team Brian and Amanda Light are the culinary geniuses behind Ronin Cooking at Ronin Farm, a 15-acre kitchen and farm outside of College Station. The Lights source their ingredients for their multi-course dinners locally, from their own farm or surrounding areas, and guests are served colorful, inspired dishes either in the rustic, converted barn on the property, or at a large, elegant outdoor table under glowing string lights, depending on the weather. Guests take a short tour of the property before being seated and enjoying a 5-course candlelit dinner that will feature aphrodisiacs and seasonal ingredients.

Tickets are $77/person, and there is limited seating, so RSVP on the Ronin Cooking website.

2. Watch the sun go down and the moon and stars come out at an outdoor picnic

Grab some blankets, comfy pillows, and maybe a few candles to create a romantic atmosphere and head to a nearby park, or even your own backyard, and enjoy a sunset view or starry night sky with dinner and drinks. Google “Valentine’s Day picnic menu” to come up with great ideas (like these) for a delicious meal that’s easily packed in your picnic basket and can be served outdoors. Don’t forget s’mores!

Bonus: Download the Night Sky app for iPhone or Sky Map app for Android, and you and your sweetheart can marvel at the beauty of the constellations above.

3. Go on an adventure. Go geocaching!

Never heard of geocaching? It’s simple. (Check out this 1:15 video about it.) Ordinary people hide small trinkets and treasures, called “caches,” for others to find. Download the Geocaching App, look up caches in your area, (there are tons of caches in B/CS) and use the provided clues to find them. Some caches are harder to find than others, but that’s part of the fun. Once you find the cache, simply log your find on the app and move on to find the next one. Simple, and an afternoon filled with adventure!

4. Go to the farmers market and cook brunch with local ingredients

Downtown Bryan has a farmers market every Saturday (check out their Facebook page for more details). Why not wake up a little early, get some fresh, local ingredients, and make a delicious brunch together?

5. Try a nature scavenger hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is just like a regular scavenger hunt, except you’re hunting for natural objects. You can create your own list of objects to find, or you can look at other lists, like this mega list we found, for inspiration. You and your honey will discover so much more as you’re looking for these objects; it’s a great way to work as a team and explore the outdoors together!

Bonus: Of course, you don’t want to actually take the objects from their natural environment, so why not record them and share your successful discovery of each object (and memories of your fun date) on Instagram? “#naturescavengerhunt #bestvalentinesdayever? @tuiwildlife”? (Just a suggestion…)

What are some of your ideas for a unique, nature-inspired Valentine’s Day date?