Pandora's Box of Optimism



We’re taking a little break from that boring stuff usually posted here to talk about something far more interesting!


Well, and some other stuff, I guess; but mostly me!

If you haven’t met me before, my name is Pandora. The people who take care of me said I’m a Swainson’s Hawk, but I’m not convinced. Though, I suppose, if these “Swainson’s Hawks” love eating grasshoppers, solving puzzles, and travelling with friends, then maybe I am one.

Hmm… Or would that make them a Pandora?

Oops! I’m getting distracted!

I work as an ambassador for The Urban Interface. I go into schools and tell people all about what it’s like to be a hawk! We tell stories, play games, and even learn about the rest of our ambassador team! I love to talk all day, listen to people as they ask questions, and watch them learn how to identify and protect animals.

My people tell me we do it to help others reconnect with nature. I don’t know what that means, I’ve always loved nature! I do it because I want people to see the hope I have for the world and for them!

So, I’m posting today to tell you about something really cool that is happening this week!

All over the world, you may begin seeing this thing show up on social media: #EarthOptimism2018. I’m not really sure what that symbol in front of it means, but my people told me what optimism means. They said it means being like me! It means having hope for the future!

See, this week, Earth Optimism is about sharing some of the happiest things about people working to protect our planet! They work tirelessly to create a world that I can live in; and a world that all those kids I visit at schools can live in too! Earth Optimism is about thanking the people working hard and looking towards a better future because of their work!

Now, I know it can be hard to stay optimistic sometimes. And I know I haven’t always felt optimistic! There were times when I had my own problems, times when I couldn’t find food, times when I thought something was going to hurt me. My people tell me there’s a lot of problems in the world and because of that it can be hard to see the hope inside us.

But many people do see this hope and are working to share it with others! They’re doing this by making changes and working hard to fix problems! Now I can optimistic because people solved my problems! People kept me safe and gave me food. After I was told I couldn’t ever fly, people even brought me to where I am today and taught me how to be an ambassador! People gave me a purpose! If people can solve my problems, then I believe they can solve the other problems too!

So, whether it’s something small like saving my life, or something big like the work done by The Peregrine Fund to save my friend, Valkyrie’s species, I want to personally thank all the people out there who are making this world more positive and optimistic by the day!

Please take some time to share your hope with your friends and family, share it with me too! Let’s remind everyone that there are good things happening on this planet!

And, If you’d like to talk with me more or maybe one of the other animal ambassadors, consider dropping by our Patreon this week and signing up. Not only will you receive updates from me and my fellow ambassadors, but your money will help solve my problems by keeping me well fed!

Also, you could get a really cool sticker of me standing in a box! I don’t know what it means, but my people laughed a lot and seemed to enjoy it!