(Common Rock Dove - Columba livia)

Tybalt is a pigeon. The same type of bird we all see in cities and parks, nesting on buildings and picking up french fries in the parking lot. Despite this, pigeons have a long and prosperous relationship with people. 

Tybalt here is a prime example of that. She is an ex racing pigeon. Bred in captivity, she competed in racing events until something injured her eye. She was found in someone's yard with an infected eye that we can only guess is the result of an incident with a predatory animal. She has since made a full recovery, and her original owner let us keep her for educational purposes. 

It cost roughly $1.00 a day to feed and care for our small flock of pigeons. 


Our lovable retired racing pigeon.

Posted by The Urban Interface on Sunday, April 10, 2016